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I moved my portfolio to

See you there!

You can still contact me via this blog, but I won’t post anything new on it.

Sci-fi spaceship corridor

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The artist who made the concept image is named “Bordon” and you can find his deviantart page here:

Original concept:tbhd_Bordon_-_Corridor_Progress

3d render was made using 3DSmax and Photoshop.


Post Apocalyptic Bandits

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This is a post-apocalyptic render that I’ve been working on lately. The only things that i haven’t modeled myself are the hands (which i’ve imported from MakeHuman models, then rigged them myself).

Tried to capture sort of a STALKER atmoshpere.

Softwares I used are 3dsmax, Photoshop, Arbaro (to generate trees), MakeHuman (to import the hand models from, then rig them)
Renderer was Mental Ray.

Textures are mostly taken from


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Softwares used for modeling were 3d studio max 9 and Sculptris (a great free 3d sculpting software). The renderer used was mental ray. Render took a roughly 3 hours to complete at 2400×1600. Post-processing was done in Photoshop CS3, slight color touches were made using IrfanView.

This render was basically made from these drawings I found. The one with the “ZERO” glasses (i think they are created by Arosenlund, i am not quite sure) I found on, a website containing various cyberpunk imagery. The one with the girl was taken from the album cover of an industrial rock band called KMFDM.

Kaleidoscope Renders

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These renders were made using 3d studio max, and very little post-processing in GIMP. Maybe there will be more coming! :)


Hot maze:

Lines 1:

Lines 2:


Geometrical 1:

Geometrical 2:


Brown Noise:

Doctor House (Hugh Laurie)

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In this image I tried to create one of my favorite characters in a TV show. Made using 3dsmax and sculptris, final touches with photoshop, rendered with VRay.

Abandoned Sci-Fi Corridor

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Splash screeen for the Fallout 2 total conversion “Mutants Rising”.


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